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December Fishing Durban – What to expect

This is the time of year where everyone starts getting excited because it generally marks the holiday season as well as the arrival of the Couta (King Mackerel). I know for me I start rattling around in my tackle box trying to get things ready for the first report of some good fish. There will still be tuna and Dorado around so if things are quiet on the inside might be worth while chasing some birds.

The neglected fish of December
The Couta has this crazy vibe about it that gets fisherman into a frenzy much like this past Black Friday rush. What I love about the Couta frenzy is that it clears the shallows of the crowds and lets me have fun with the neglected Snoek. I have often got some of my best catches of Snoek in December while anglers chase the stories of Couta.

My general rule in December, clean blue water with warmer temperatures = Couta, colder off colored water = Snoek. December is also a great time to do some jigging on the drop offs and often some good Kingies are landed on the drop off if you have some patience.

Here is a vid to help tie those Couta traces, please feel free to leave comments and suggestions below.