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Have you ever wondered why a fish or the prospect of catching a slimy gilled critter could occupy so much headspace? While working and while you read this article your mind is probably occupied with the questions; how and when am I going to catch my next fish.

In 2007 Jasper Pons, Oliver Wakefield-Smith and myself (Shaun Reid) web developers and tinkers developed the idea of an online community freely learning from each other. Make no mistake we were no professionals but our passion for the gilled critter spilled out onto the canvas that became known as the Fishing Corner website and forum.

Oliver and Jasper after significant contributions to what became a brand (More like a nonprofit brand – lol) decided to continue with their more profitable pursuits leaving the site and maintenance to me. Fishing corner prior to the Social media boom and subsequently WhatsApp group boom was the fishing forum to be if you wanted to know where the fish were. Fishing Corner also put together some amazing fishing competitions. Over the years Fishing Corner boasted the largest kayak fishing competition in South Africa – The Toyota Ballito Kayak Fishing Competition (lovingly known as the “Salt Rock Comp”)

As my focuses changed (#KidsX3) the need to build some financial assets and stability became apparent. With the emergence of Social media and an underdeveloped ecommerce space in South Africa, Fishing Corner became a thing of the past for me, the love and passion never died. I spent the last five years as follows. 1. Developed the Hirsch’s ecommerce into an online success. 2. Was the Group Marketing Manager at Hirsch’s for three years until the urge for going out into business again. For the last year my Brother in law and I have been plotting and planning and Marketing Collective was born.

My life and Fishing Corner seem to be intertwined, so the next season is being birthed. We will be launching different aspects of the newly fresh development of Fishing Corner over time. I have wiped the slate clean and dropped all the old content to better rely on new input, no more former glory. One of the big developments is an ecommerce hub where anyone can set up their own online store with their “Fishing” related products – if you are interested in this CONTACT ME and I will send you more info.


To be continued…

About Shaun Reid

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Shaun Reid

Co-Founder / Owner
Shaun Reid has been fishing since the age of 5 years old, his father took him with his brother to Midmar Dam where catching Carp a lifelong hook was set. Shaun went on to develop and set up fishingcorner alongside friends.

Shaun has been operating in the marketing/digital space for the past 9 years in which he has made a sizable impact. Starting with Fishing Corner on the 29th January 2007. He ran the website and events, it soon became the place to be for any aspiring fisherman. Shaun started dabbling with ecommerce and soon realised that this would be the next big growth point in South Africa.

Spotting a job posting of ecommerce manager at Hirsch, Shaun decided to get some corporate experience to add to his media journey. Shaun spent five years with the group and his input made a significant difference. Richard Hirsch (Managing Director) said the following about Shaun’s stay at Hirsch, “Shaun Reid was employed by Hirsch’s for almost 5 years. Shaun was hired to run our online store as well as look after social media. After two years Shaun transformed our online presence, increasing our social media platform as well as tripling our online turnover. A decision was made to promote Shaun to Group Marketing manager. Here he managed a fluid team which brought structure as well as results. Together with Allan Hirsch (Founder) they introduced a new radio advertising campaign, which ran on a monthly basis alongside all print media. Shaun introduced the 360’ approach to all weekly marketing campaigns and media. Shaun started at Hirsch’s and worked alone in our online department. He built and left a fully functioning team that is still powering today. From the time Shaun joined our team to when he left, our online sales had grown by over 1000%. Shaun is pioneering, creative and hard working. He thinks out of the box and has an eye for the unseen”

Shaun has vast marketing knowledge in the retail space, and has handled all aspects of marketing including all print media, TVC’s, Radio, ecommerce, merchandising, direct marketing as well as other aspects. Shaun has launched and is responcible for tying together the marketing collective agency.